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Welcome To The Divergent Coaching Group

"Connecting the Dots Between Life and Spiritual Realities"

You’ve Invested In Everyone Else’s Dream…It’s Time To Invest In Your Own!

  • It’s Time for you to Stop making excuses-You Can Have the Life You Want!
  • It’s Time for you to Stop allowing others to control your emotions and life!
  • It’s Time for you to Stop living out someone else’s dream and live out your own!
  • It’s Time for you to Be ok with who and what God has called you to be!
  • It’s Time for you to Show up and play ball as the unique individual you know you are!
  • You are well capable of BEING AND DOING SO MUCH MORE!

Why Choose Us?

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DCG SPECIALIZES  in individuals that are frustrated in life and stuck. This means we are experts in our field. We know what it will take to get you out of the quick sand of doubt, fear and unbelief and into a revolutionary way of believing, thinking and engaging.
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DCG PROVIDES  a customized coaching experience that facilitates growth and promotes self discovery. Once an individual truly sees who they are, what they are called to do and how they will do it, amazing things begin to unfold.
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 DCG MAXIMIZES  your ability to implement creative solutions and reap phenomenal results. Contrary to popular opinion there isn’t just one way to solve financial, relationship or career problems. We will show you how to tap into your “creative genius” and watch miracles happen.
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